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Department of Pedagogy

Department coordinator:  Doc.PhDr. Jiĝí Prokop, Ph.D.

Academic year 2015/16

Winter Semester:
OEBPP14002 Social Pedagogy, 4 credits
OENPP141 General Education and Didactic, 8 credits
OENPP1421 Authority in Education, 3 credits

Summer Semester:
There will be no courses offered by the Department during the Summer semester.


In a process of planning your Learning Agreement you can contact Doc. Dr. Jiĝí Prokop, Ph.D. to ask a help.


These information are dedicated to the Erasmus students (field “pedagogy”) who take the study stays at the Department of Pedagogy.

The department has signed the agreements concerning the exchanges with the universities in the following towns:

  • Warszawa, Krakow, Siedlce  (Poland)
  • Bratislava, Banská Bystrica  (Slovakia)
  • Sofia, Plovdiv  (Bulgaria, only PhD. Studies!!)

If the students coming the Department of Pedagogy are of the bachelor or master programmes, the following rules are valid for them:

  • At their home universities they study the field pedagogy or a close field (social pedagogy, school pedagogy, etc.)
  • Since we do not offer programmes or subjects in a foreign language (!), students choose subjects which are read in the Czech language together with our Czech students!
  • Student may also enrol these two subjects from the common fundamental: “Czech Society Course” and “Czech Language”.
    Some subjects if not open in a given term, may be taken in a form of consultations with experts in a given field. The students attending such consultations finish their study by a written essay, by exams etc.
  • If they would like to choose subjects in English offered by other departments of our faculty, this may be realised only exceptionally after the preceding agreement with the coordinator!!!
  • Students of the PhD study usually study in a form of consultations – individually or they may enrol some of the subjects read at our faculty.