Bořivoj Brdička : The Role of Internet in Education xxC O N T E N T SxxxxxxI N D E X


The average PhD thesis is nothing but a transference of bones from one graveyard to another.

J. Frank Dobie (American writer and professor of literature at University of Texas)


This text is a result of my more than 15 years experience in the field of using the ICT in education. During that time I have collected and explored really large amount of such "bones". So, now I can try to classify them and hopefully offer a slightly non-traditional and informed view that can help others to find a sense of direction in this field.

I would like to thank all the colleagues that helped me to collect these "bones", especially Věra Suchánková, and above all, my teachers that taught me to assemble them, e.g. Rudolf Kryl, Eduard Mazák, Alfred Bork, Margaret Cox, Rachel Cohen. The most important role was played by such experts e.g. Seymour Papert, who I had the honor of meeting only through their publications and mainly via the Internet. Therefore I decided to enrich my text with some of their interesting opinions.

My original intention was to use this material as my PhD dissertation thesis. As I declare by the contents of the motto above, there is nothing but transference in it (not my own authentic research), it may be used rather as meta-analysis study or monograph. It could even serve as a  teaching material for teachers being prepared for the introduction of technology to schools.

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